Topic: General Credit Union Questions

Q: What is the difference between a bank and a credit union?

Q: You said you are a not-for-profit, does that mean that you don’t make any money?

Q: You said before that you would have higher savings rates, so how come your rates on savings accounts and Certificates are so low?

Account Questions

Q: What is my routing number?

Q: Is my checking account number the same as my savings account number?

Q: What does “Account Type” mean? I see it when I try to transfer money to another member’s account.

Q: I have moved, how can I update my address?

Q: Do I have to come into EPCU to deposit a check?

Q: What is Shared Branching?

Q: So you said that I can go to any credit union. I went to Indiana Members the other day and I could not do a shared branching transaction there. What gives?

Topic: Loan Questions

Q: Hey how about you give me a loan for zero percent?

Q: But your website said you offer zero percent loans?

Q: The girl I talked to last week assured me that I could have a zero percent loan.

Q: Last time I got a loan my rate was lower. Why is it higher now?

Topic: IT & Online Banking Questions

Q: What is my login ID for home banking?

Q: Speaking of login ID, how do I set up my home banking?

Q: It says that I already set up my account, but I cannot remember my password, what should I do?

Q: I no longer have access to the email address that you have on file, what can I do to change it?

Q: I know my password, but the computer keeps asking me my security questions and I do not know the answers, what should I do?

Q: Can I transfer money to another FI?

Q: Where can I find Bill Pay?

Q. How do I order checks?

Q: How did you come up with the idea for this FAQ page?

Topic: Debit & Credit Card Questions

Q: Why do I get text messages when I use my debit card asking if the purchase is mine?

Q: Do I have to call every time I am traveling?

Q: Why do I have to use my PIN at certain locations? I want to use my card like a credit card.

Q: How can I see transactions on my CC?

Q: Ok so I found my credit card info on the home banking site, but why can’t I see it on the mobile app?

Fraud Related Questions

Q: I have a transaction on my account that I don’t recognize, what should I do?

Q: You keep talking about SecureLOCK Equip, what is it?

Q: So, I called and reported a suspicious transaction but then I found out it was actually my husband who did it, what happens now?

Q: There is a transaction on my account for something that I bought, and I don’t like it. Can I dispute that?

Q: My (insert personal service company here—gym, magazine subscription, etc) keeps debiting my account even after I cancelled with them. What should I do?

*Must be 18 years old and an EPCU member in good standing to qualify. Winnings will be deposited to your EPCU savings account as a dividend credit. EPCU staff, volunteers, vendors and their family members of staff are not eligible to win. Contest ends when the first person eligible to win, contacts EPCU and status is verified. Accepting deposit implies consent to contest rules. Winner agrees to have their name and a photo featured in an upcoming EPCU newsletter.