Savings Accounts

At Energy Plus Credit Union, a share savings account is the foundation for all of our members. By opening a Share Savings Account, you will gain access to our full suite of products and services. Opening an account is easy! Simply call us at 317-261-8521 or fill out our online Membership Request form here.

Regular Share Savings

Establish your membership with Energy Plus Credit Union by opening a Share Savings Account for $5. Dividends are compounded daily and paid at the close of each quarter. Share Savings accounts come with free online access, our free mobile app with Mobile Check Capture, and free access to Shared Branching.

Koala Club Savings

For our members under 18 we offer a special Koala Club (KC) account. Dividends are compounded quarterly and paid at the close of each quarter. The KC is a great way to teach children about saving money and the importance of having a credit union account. KC members get birthday cards mailed directly to them and newsletters with important information about managing finances for all ages and games to make learning fun!

Wealth-Building Accounts

Do you have funds that you would like to set aside for the future? Or maybe you just want to save up for a rainy day. Look no further than our wealth building options. Whether your goals are short or long term, we offer a variety of products to fit your needs. See our rates page for the most up to date information about our current rates and terms.

Share Certificates

A Share Certificate is a deposit in a fixed account with set terms that will earn dividends at a specified rate when held to maturity. The minimum deposit is $500. With a variety of terms available, you can plan out your savings goals and allow your money to work for you. Longer term options generally carry a higher dividend rate. A penalty will be assessed if you withdraw funds before maturity.

Money Markets

Money Market accounts are a great way to start building wealth while maintaining access to your cash. Our Money Market accounts offered tiered based dividends so the more you save, the more you earn. There are three tiered dividend earning levels. The minimum balance is $5,000.00, and there is a maximum withdrawal limit of 6 per month without penalty. Minimum withdrawal is $500 per transaction.

Holiday Club

Save for the holidays with a Holiday Club Account. You can make deposits as you like or set up an automatic deposit to make saving easy. A transaction fee of $10.00 will be charged for each withdrawal or transfer out of this account made from January 1st through September 30th. There is no charge for any withdrawal or transfer made from October 1st through December 31st.

Special Club

These accounts may be set up to help you save for a special purchase. Whether it’s a vacation, higher education costs or for any other purpose, the special club account allows you to be in control of your savings and the fact that it’s a separate account helps with tracking deposits and withdraws. There are no minimum balance requirements and withdrawals may be made at any time. Just as with the Holiday Club, you can set up automatic deduction from your payroll check to make saving a cinch!

All accounts have no regular monthly fee. Dividend rates are determined by the Board of Directors, and are subject to change at any time.

Deposit accounts at EPCU are federally insured by the NCUA up to $250,000 per account